FINALLY! Discover What Colors Look Best On You... With Easy Step-by-Step Instructions and Powerful Tools You Won't Find Anywhere Else

This Step-By-Step Interactive System That Will Show You Exactly How To Determine Your Color Type... and FINALLY Know What Colors Look Best On You!


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DIY Self Color Analysis

This multi-module course is packed with step by step instructions that walk you each step of doing a self color analysis. By the end of this course you will finally know what colors look good on you and what colors to avoid... so that you can start transforming your wardrobe into YOU.

Fun and Easy Online Color Wheel Tool

The online color wheel is super fun. Upload your photo into the color wheel and see your face within 6 color wheels. See for yourself what colors you look best in.

A Simple System To Discovering Your Best Colors

Trying to figure out what colors look good on you can be confusing and overwhelming... but it doesn't have to be. This step-by-step system will have you analyzing your coloring and tone... and understanding why some colors work on you and others don't.


What's Inside the "DIY Self Color Analysis" Course?

3 Easy Steps

  • The exact steps that I take to do an online color analysis using the Your Color Style system
  • Videos that explain the concepts further so that you can truly understand how this process works
  • Finally know your color type and season
  • Yes! Although, it’s not a perfect fit, I tell you what season you will LIKELY be based on the Your Color Style™ system.


Access To The Color Wheel Tool

  • Get access to my proprietary online color wheel tool
  • Upload your photo and see your face in 6 different color wheels
  • See for yourself which color type looks best on you


Access To Your Digital Color Palettes and Color Wheel

  • Get access to all of the color palettes. Once you've decided on your color type, you can download your digital color palette to have on your mobile device.
  • Get access to your custom color wheel. This is your color wheel with only the colors that will look good on you. A powerful tool for creating color combinations, as well as seeing how your colors relate to each other
  • You'll discover your neutrals, as well. Download your digital neutrals palettes so that you can learn if that grey you have is warm, cool or neutral.


Exclusive Access To the Private Style Club Facebook Group

Need a second pair of eyes on your photos? How about a supportive, collaborative and fun community of women just like you that want to help each other? This Facebook Group is exclusive to the Style Club, but you get special access when you buy this course.


Exclusive Discounts

$10 Off Your Color Fan

Shopping just became more fun when you use your color fan. Simply lay a color strip against your clothing to see if it's right for you. Your color fan is a powerful tool that you'll use to shop smart and edit your wardrobe easily. You'll have access to a $10 coupon off of your order at


$50 Off A Professional Color Analysis

What if you're still confused? No problem! Sign up for a professional color analysis with me and my team! You'll can apply your exclusive coupon code of $50 to the color analysis fee. You don't need to guess. I would love to help you.


I definitely have less trouble quickly putting outfits on in the morning since I have begun to absorb some of Jen's training. This is definitely what I was looking for, so thank you, Jennifer Thoden!!!

Cedar Boschan
Cedar Boschan

I am slowly transitioning my wardrobe to the best colors for me. Wearing the right colors is so important for building confidence and self-assurance. Jen is so kind, helpful, fun and she really knows what she is talking about. I truly think that if we ever met in person we would be good friends.

Kathie Fitzrandolph
Kathie Fitzrandolph

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Jen's Story

Hi! I'm Jen Thoden.

A few years ago, I was sitting in my living room... alone... I was recently separated... and I realized that I had no idea who I was. The previous 16 years of my life had chipped away at me... I raised 3 children, lost my oldest daughter to cancer, suffered an unhappy marriage and now divorced... there wasn't much left. What did I actually like doing? What brings me joy? What in the world am I doing with my life? I was just a shell.

Let me tell you, I am not one to sit around feeling sorry for myself for long and decided that I was going to take steps to figuring out what DID bring me joy. It was time to define a new me. A better version of myself. The first thing I did was research colors because I figured... finding what colors look good on me is a perfect first step to helping me boost my confidence.

I discovered seasonal color analysis, self-analyzed myself as a light spring and wore... for the first time... a coral pink top. I got so many complements that day. I was blown away. Not only did my self confidence soar that but I realized that finding the right colors is no small deal. Wearing your best colors is such a simple and easy way to make a HUGE impact on your self image. To take back your power in small bits.

I am now dedicated to helping women, in any stage of their life, style themselves in ways that make them feel amazing. Because when you look good, you feel good and that positive energy can flow into all areas of your life.

I hope the information you find here, will help you simplify your life and make room for the person you are becoming. Take back your power in small ways... why not start with discovering your best colors?

Jen Thoden
Founder of the proprietary online color system, Your Color Style™